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Fiberglass Spools

Acapulco Pools are specialists in building fiberglass spools as well as pools and spas.  Remember, the pictures shown here are only the tip of the iceberg.  With so many styles to choose from, it would be difficult to have a sample of each.  Please contact us to see more styles!

Oahu Pebble Beach, Acrylic Flagstone Deck and Large Waterfall
Same as Above
Oahu Sapphire Blue, Small Waterfall and Toupe Kool Deck
Oahu w/flagstone decking, waterfall and custom fiberoptics in step and waterfall
Maui w/ waterfall, roll beam and landscaping

Tahoe Spa w/ Spillway & Ledgestone Face
Bahamas w/ Waterfall, Rollbeam, Accent Bolders & Flagstone Decking
Bahamas Spool w/ Jets & Air Switches
Same as Above
Bahamas Spool Granite w/ Natural Waterfall

Sunk IN Spa w/ Ledgestone Facing

Spa Enclosed w/ Flagstone Ledge
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